Nature TV

Nature-TV-Logo-500PXThis is a LIVE Broadcast from the WooFPAK’S Den. This broadcast uses 4 cameras that are all on the screen at the same time until motion is detected on one of the cameras from the WooFPAK, an aquatic creature, bird, or other. The screen will than show that camera full screen so you can really catch all the deatils and beauty of the view that is unfolding.

  • Camera 1 – is in our pond which turtles (Red Eared Sliders), Goldfish, Koi, Crayfish, Frogs, and others call home. I feed my underwater family every evening before sunset during the warmer months as in the cold they do not eat due to slowing their metabolism down for winter and any food would create problems in their waters. I will try to give a post on Social Media before feeding times so you may tune in and see all the excitement. This camera also has a night mode with IR lights to catch the nocturnal fun!!
  • Camera 2 – is actually a view above this pond where there is a waterfall and stream that feed the pond, You may also get a glimpse on this camera of the WooFPAK especially Princess taking a dip or “assisting” me feeding our aquatic family!
  • Camera 3 – is on 1 of our many Bird feeders that attract so many of our flying friends including Woodpeckers (even Pileated ones), Finches, Orioles, Cardinals, Blue Jays, just to name a few. You might even see an occasional Squirrel having a snack at the feeder. We keep them fed year round so there is always something to see…
  • Camera 4 – is on a patio area that the WooFPAK use a Wrestling Ring! Lots of wonderful socializations and interactions take place here especially in the cooler weather and snow as the WooFPAK is even more fired up! You may even catch them rolling in the snow making  SnoWOOF-Angels:)

The Music you will here are part of my WooFTunes Library that I have created for Dogs & People to relax to and enjoy! You can find more about it at:

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