Welcome to ALL DOG TV!! Here you will find Adventure, Music, Comedy and so much more ALL to do with our BEST Friends DOGS!! I am the WooFDriver and I will be your Host on our Network. You see I am a DOG Lover and in my pursuit to spend as much time with my Dogs (4 Huskies I call the WooFPAK) as possible. I have explored, created, and BLAZED new ideas and ways to interact with them. Appealing to their instinctual traits and drive I have forged these activities into almost daily adventures that we can explore and enjoy together. These activities and adventures have inspired me to write songs and document these memorable times and I am sharing them right here on ALL DOG TV.

You won’t find anything like this anywhere on earth. I mean from custom shaped DOG Guitars, Custom Built ADVS (ALL DOG Vehicles), a Band to produce and perform these songs, and so much more are captured on video for you to enjoy, share, learn and have FUN with. I have been doing this for 20 years now and have created a bunch of websites to publish all of this incredible material! For my Website Directory and My Bio Please Click Here. For My Media Directory Please Click Here. On this ALL DOG TV website you will find each page features an ALL DOG TV Player of either Adventure, Comedy, & Music according to the page you select in the top menu.The Player on this page is a sample of some of the videos and excitement you will find inside each channel. There are about 50 Videos in each player and they will play randomly, if you want to skip one or watch one again just push the navigation buttons inside the player. There are so many more in my library. To watch a NON-STOP Stream of all my videos which will entertain you for days, click play the UStream Player below. As I have 3 YouTube Channels to there is a link to those channels for a more on demand experience. I promise you that you won’t get bored here as I am also always adding to my libraries as the WooFPAK and I continue to adventure!!

Here’s My Non-Stop┬áStrimm Channel Playing 24 Hours A Day!

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